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New Masjid Construction

New Masjid ConstructionDuring the early part of ‘80s members of Cham Muslim community from Cambodia relocated here and established a temporary structure that has served well beyond its time and capacity. The Cham community donated a 2-acre piece of prime real estate to build a more permanent Islamic Center to serve the growing needs of the greater Olympia area and vicinity. The new center will be used for religious, educational as well as social activities for the Muslim community of Olympia and its surrounding cities.

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Need for the New Islamic Center:

During the past few years, the community has attracted Muslims from many other ethnic groups including a growing number of new Muslims. This rapidly growing community now has an urgent need for a larger, more permanent facility.

Project Description:

Plans to build the Islamic Center comprising of 10,500 sq ft (975 sq m) have been approved by local authorities. The project includes:

  • A main floor that will accommodate 400 men in the prayer hall, a library, an office and an ablution/wudhu area.
  • A mezzanine level to accommodate 150 women for prayers and child-care area. · A multi-use lower floor with classrooms and a hall for da’wa and community activities.

    Status of the Masjid Project

    We have the fund for occupancy permit but there is still a lot more work such as sidewalks, sidewalk lights, Landscaping, security systems and etc that still need to be completed. So we still need your support to complete this masjid project.