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About Us

About UsMasjid Al-Nur is the center of religious, educational and social activities for the Muslim community in Olympia, capital of Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

During the early part of 80s, a Cham community from Cambodia relocated here and designated 2-acres of land in the heart of the community as the Islamic Center. A house like Masjid was built to serve the community of that time.
During the past few years, the community has attracted many Muslims from over twenty five different ethnicities plus growing number of reverts. Our rapidly growing community now has an urgent need for a larger and more permanent facility. Insha Allah with your support, we will complete the new Masjid.

Board of Directors

Osman Yusouf President
Shairus Palotil Vice President
Azeem Housain Secretary
Mustafa Mohamedali Social Secretary
Abdul Qadir Manaf Treasurer
Samiha Osman Women Representitive



Whereas we, the Muslims of the Olympia area of the South Puget Sound, recognize Islam as a total way of life and have pledged to endeavor practicing it as such, we do hereby adopt these Bylaws and establish an organization known as ISLAMIC CENTER OF OLYMPIA, MASJID AL-NUR.

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